Saturday, 25 February 2012

On beauty

Beauty is it relative? Or is a stylised ideal dictated by norms? What triggers our perception of beauty? Do we simple appreciate that which is fed through stylistic preference and normative behaviour or do we perceive with the natural eye?



  1. I'd like to believe we see through our own eye and thats why beauty is unique to everyone.

  2. I think it is an interesting debate, we are always to an extent in control of our own destiny, but our very existence is subject to the process of socialisation and our reliance of the group instinct mentality.

    I think when I was younger I had an idealistic perception of myself as a individual and self-professed deviant. As time went by and the realities of life asserted themselves I soon realised this deviation was in fact a group association and conformity in itself.

    The result was a less stringent idea about style and aesthetic pleasures. I think this weakened distinction allowed for growth. However, no matter how hard I toy with the idea, I cannot help but feel we are always subjecting ourselves to some or another idea, and that any choice is subjective.

    We do not live unknown, we exist as representations of our normalities, of what pleases us based on our frames of reference, which are in turn influenced by so many external factors.

    I like to welcome beauty in many forms, but always with the conception, of their creation and its extended consequence.

  3. wow!!! your blog is amazing
    its so much inspiration
    keep posting your work is very good!


    1. Thank you Demi, I only started yesterday, put intend to voice my thoughts a lot more in the future.