Sunday, 25 March 2012

Abandoned Ivy and red red lips

I have been quiet again, but is only because I have been feverishly busy, a state I seem to be becoming more and more involved with. A busy mind is a happy mind is it not?

I have been over the past few months developing a course for the company I work for Cambridge Link Education. Writing a English Literature course proved to be more challenging than I set myself out to think, however, it is coming along nicely and at the brink of fruition. Three years of gained knowledge documented into a collective work has made me realise the extent of my studies and how much one really does cover in a Degree. Semesters seem so short, and if not reading set-works, sighting journals or writing essays you find yourself  having very little time to stop and consider *all* the knowledge you have gained. This has been a pleasant experience and I am sure that when I see the course in print, it shall be a triumph, to many late nights and copious amounts of coffee.

This is the one reason I have been so busy, but I also  have something else to share, which is quite exciting. It has been a while since I have modelled in the stricter sense of the word, for someone else's art direction, and on Friday I  found myself posing in a beautiful  Ivy covered abandoned house, with two other beautiful models for six photographers.

A photography student contacted me asking if I would consider modelling for her, a group of classmates and her lecturer. I quickly agreed, as I am always happy to involve myself in any sort of independent art projects. The result was a tiring but consequently spectacular day. I have a few images to share with your from two of the students, but will do a corresponding entry once I have a selection from all the photographers. it will be interesting to review how they all interpreted the same subject matter.

Photographer LJ Llama Bartlett

Photoprapher Jes Hunter

I am in love with Jes Hunter, and that is not to say that I didn't enjoy working with everyone else, but we have a sort of affinity and a corresponding aesthetic ideal when it comes to art direction. She is very much like me an avid believer and supporter of natural light. We hope to work together again soon and I hope to photograph her too.

You can see more of her work here

I must now return to work and concern myself with the final touches of my course... It is so close to completion I can almost see its printed existence in my contented yet sweaty hands ..

Sublime wishes and as always thank you for reading

Tegan Amelia-Rose