Friday, 9 March 2012

Books, books, Books

I just got back from the most amazing Exclusive Books warehouse sale. I admit I was apprehensive as to what I would pick up, as they were offering them at R50 per Kg. ( that is about 4.5 pounds/ 6 dollars)

I was, however, pleasantly surprised as you can see and sourced 12kgs worth of books. Having collected numerous titles I have been pinning for at a tenth of the price I am both ecstatic and pleasantly surprised. Many hours of reading pleasure ahead, but first, I must tackle all my university assignments...


  1. I`m waiting to finish with my Uni assignments as well so I can go back to my reading. xx

    1. Well at least we can find comfort in the fact that we are in it together. :)

      I quite perfectly hate it, their titles are calling out to me, but I must resist the urge to devour them in favour of my set-works...

      Sublime wishes Alina and best of luck with your assignments xx