Wednesday, 28 March 2012


 Her skin was white like frosted dew
In the moonlight her eyes shown anew
Silver spindles up yet down
forbidden taste that divinely crown
yet the spindles do not reach her quiver
but remain in my courtly thither
for that not touched, is that not had
wistful I sleep with dreams forever

 Tegan Amelia-Rose

Some poetry from yours truly...

I can feel autumns sweet kiss in the air, the cool breeze so slight yet so cool, the prospect of it cooling fills me with glee. A few more weeks and the leaves will have completely fallen, my favourite time of year. 

I took advantage and decided to wear my new over-the-knee socks. I found them at Woolworths recently and was very happy, I am always trolling sock shops on-line, finding these locally was a lucky strike.

I matched them with my Litas, Tutu (which I wear too much) and this cute bow top I picked up at Mr Price.

I seem to have been bitten by the busy bug again, more assignments rolling in and a few prospective shoots in line. I must manage my time carefully though, so I am unsure how realistic they are, studies and work always take preference. We shall see what I can muster along the way and how brave I feel.

Sublime Wishes Tegan Amelia-Rose

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