Thursday, 5 April 2012

She Sat and Sang

She sat and sang alway 
By the green margin of a stream, 
Watching the fishes leap and play 
Beneath the glad sunbeam.

I sat and wept alway 
Beneath the moon's most shadowy beam,
Watching the blossoms of the May 
Weep leaves into the stream. 

I wept for memory; 
She sang for hope that is so fair: 
My tears were swallowed by the sea; 
Her songs died in the air. 

Christina Rossetti 

My poor abandoned blog, I have been quiet... Again! mid-semester is always a busy time. Today I had time to do a quick look in my new high-waisted trousers from Cindy Leigh Armstrong's new limited range. When I saw these I knew I could style them in a unique way and the result is something very different from the editorial pictures. I think they resemble ladies Victorian-riding trousers and interpreted the theme in line with this perception.

I must get back to the books, but shall return soon, refreshed and inspired...

Sublime wishes

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  1. I love your style! Very unique & beautiful. Your writing style is so captivating! Keep it up! xo